Past members report that they:

  • Get better sleep
  • Feel more energized
  • Eat a healthier diet
  • Lose unwanted pounds
  • Feel better in their body
  • Streamline their days
  • Enjoy daily meditation
  • Have more leisure time
  • Live in more balanced rhythm
  • Integrate self-care practices

Shake Your Buddhi is a Holistic Course based on 10 core competencies from Yoga and Ayurveda traditions designed to create balance and promote radical well being. You get to work at your own pace with lots of support and guidance. 

These daily habits offer simple and powerful ways to take charge of your health. Learn the basics of behavorial science and discover how finding rhythm and cultivating routine in your life can help you reach your fullest potential.

What this course offers You... 

Weekly Downloadable Audio/Video Lessons

These prerecorded lessons are available at your convenience. Each week we dive into a new habit to improve your sleep, your diet, your energy, your routines, and more.

Weekly Group Coaching video-conference Calls 

These one-hour sessions are the "heart" of the program, a place to clarify the habits, ask questions and receive support from myself and the other participants. 

Weekly Live Yoga classes in Bozeman with Nancy

Join me in my 6-week course "Yoga for Vibrant Living" Offered in the Fall and Winter series only. More online video practices coming this summer. 

Monthly One-on-one Coaching Calls 

You'll schedule 30-minute individual laser coaching sessions each month . Together we'll clarify the actions needed for the next steps on your wellness path.

Interactive Community Support

You will have access to our private Facebook forum for Shake Your Buddhi members only. Ask questions, receive answers, get support from myself and your peers.

A copy of the book Body Thrive

You will receive an online copy of Cate Stillman's book, Body Thrive, on applying the 10 habits from Ayurveda and Yoga. A great guide to carry you into a life of thrive.

Inspiring Tip Sheets and Worksheets

Each week, you will receive key "action steps" to help you put the new habit into practice using bahavioral science and accountability techniques to guide your progress.

Shake your Buddhi Recipe Guidebook

Receive your printable Shake Your Buddhi recipe book to support your plant based diet, and eating in rhythm of an Ayurvedic lifestyle.  

Bonus Yoga and Meditation Practices

Enrich your days with personal practices in your home. Receive short, effective audio and video recordings with Nancy that will energize your body, and quiet your mind. 

Fuel Your Body and Clear Your Mind 

Attune Your Space and Reclaim Time

Step into the next version of you!

WHAT TO EXPECT... In this 12 week online program a different habit is presented each week; using habit science and accountability techniques to guide your progress. Each of the 10 habits are grounded in Yoga and Ayurveda. 

You will gain momentum on our weekly video conference calls. They offer you the time to learn, plan, reflect, and share obstacles, setbacks and successes relative to the habits, our mindset, and life itself. They are all recorded for future listening and the creation of your own resource library. 

By incorporating daily lifestyle practices, self-inquiry and awareness techniques, you will change the trajectory of your health, moving away from dis-ease to align your life with greater ease.

10 Habits - 12 Weeks Shake Your Buddhi

  • Orientation + Intention-setting 
  • Habit 1 Earlier, Lighter Dinners 
  • Habit 2 Early to Bed 
  • Habit 3 Start the Day Right 
  • Habit 4 Breath-Body Practices 
  • Habit 5 Plant-based Diet 
  • Habit 6 Self Massage 
  • Habit 7 Sitting in Silence 
  • Habit 8 Healthier Eating Guidelines 
  • Habit 9 Awaken Your Senses 
  • Habit 10 Easeful Living 
  • Bonus Call + Next Steps

What you need to thrive in this course…

  •  A desire for change and growth
  •  The willingness to start from where you are today
  •  A deep knowing that you are worth it
  •  An internet connection
  •  A smart phone or computer


Over the past 30 years I have had the privilege of supporting thousands of people in their wellness evolution. Here are a few inspiring statements about this program.

"Much has shifted for me (through Shake Your Buddhi). The most important shift though is a desire to make these changes vs attempts in the past to implement change but it was based upon I SHOULD be doing this. Now I make changes based upon listening to my needs and do what makes me feel good. When I don't honor a new habit I don't get mad at myself, I notice how it makes me feel which reinforces why I am making the changes.” 

- Renee Fredrickson, M.D., FACObGyn, Mom, Wife

"Truly my habits and rhythms have all shifted; some in a small way and others in a huge way. I am more in tune with my morning routine. I know what I need to do now to get my day started right. I do need that movement, as well as the few moments I get to spend in meditation. I feel so much better when it is there."

- Korianne Picurro, Wife, Mother

"I have been teaching yoga for almost 15 years. I have never had Ayurveda "click" for me until this class. I want to learn more! Everything suddenly makes so much sense, when before it seemed so vague and mystical.” 

- Christy May, MSW, 200hr Astanga Certified Yoga Teacher, Mother

"Most drastic is my earlier, lighter dinner. This seemingly small shift has resulted in a significant shift in my sleep pattern. I used to wake every 15 to 20 minutes and shift a portion of my body to relieve pain. This seems to have disappeared! Within just one week of eating earlier and lighter!! I am now sleeping a couple hours at a time and feel much more rested. Of course, with better sleep, my energy has improved as has my attitude! I am waking more refreshed and taking more time to care for and appreciate my own being.."

- Melainya Ryan, Yoga Teacher RYT 200, Studio Owner, Therapist, Mother, Wife

Isn't it about time you invested in yourself and your health? Receive 12 weeks of education, motivation, personal coaching, and expert guidance, along with a tribe of women just like you, ready for something new. 3 payments of $275 or 1 payment of $750 (save $75) That's less than $10 per day!

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Are you ready, willing and eager to step into the next phase of your wellness trajectory?  

Don’t wait! The best time to start is NOW and the best place to start is right where you are.  

Enjoy A Vibrant, Easeful Life - We begin February 6th. This is a lifestyle for life!  

I love working with dedicated people who want to learn, grow, and evolve with vibrant, soulful living.

Let's begin with a Personal Discovery Session to investigate what it is you'd like to experience for yourself. 

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