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3 Tips to THRIVE

 Align with the elements of nature to experience deep sleep, expansive energy, and quality nourishment.

Join Nancy Ruby's Annual Evolutionary Women's Retreat where we support one another in living a vibrant, soulful life.  


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By gifting yourself this 3-day retreat you will...

Settle into Silence

Listen deeply to the wisdom of your intuition making space for creativity and ease.

Ignite your Fire  

Realign with the rhythms of nature expanding your energy for a balanced life.

Align with Thrive 

Instill the habits of Ayurveda for regeneration, shaping the health of your future self.

 Allow your pure potentiality to become your reality. 

Stretch yourself - clarify your deeper desires – reveal your true essence. 

It’s social connectivity that will propel us into the next worldview, the next dimension, and the next level of living-on-purpose. It is this dimension of support, connectivity, and conscious evolution - both individually and as a community - that will create a thriving life.

Couple this with building your physical energetic capacity and immune integrity through deep rest, balanced activity, and quality nourishment. Shine your light brighter and continue to expand your potentiality and response-ability for yourself and the world.

 For the past 30 years I've been leading groups through dynamic evolutionary journeys. I am happy to admit that I have improved with age and I have supported hundreds of others in doing the same.  

I know how to tap you into your body's wellness potential and easefully awaken you to better habits. I want to help you dial these habits into your daily life. 

I am here to support THE BEST VERSION OF YOU! Are you ready? 

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Then join our Evolutionary Women's Retreat and ignite your inner fire!

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