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Are you someone that wants to move towards balance by integrating movement, meditation and mindfulness into your daily life?

Is it your desire to create and maintain a strong, supple body,  relaxed attitude and peace of mind?

I can attest that feeling good in your own skin will give you the comfort and confidence to live your life fully with  joy, gratitude and contentment. I’m here to support you on the path of Yoga by interpreting and facilitating the  myriad of tools for transformation.

I am now offering  a number of classes, workshops and retreats to support your journey towards health and well being.

Have you been dreaming of immersing yourself in the study and practice of Yoga. Do you have a desire to share Yoga with others? YogaMotion’s  9-month Modular Life Enrichment and Teacher Training will be held in Bozeman starting September 26 -28 and a second option in Stevensville (just south of Missoula) starting October 3- 5.

If you have only heard about the benefits of Yoga and are hesitant to start, or you have years of experience and want to deepen your practice, or perhaps you want to become a Yoga Teacher yourself,  I encourage you to explore my website to find a variety of ways for you to feel good, have fun and live well.